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Child Arrangements & Maintenace

Our team of Family Lawyers have a wealth of experience dealing with issues relating to children following a divorce or separation.

Whether your issues include who the children will live with, what contact the child will have with the other parent, or financial maintenance for the child, we can help.

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During the legal proccess, the interests of the children will at all times be put above the interests of the parents. The English legal system prefers voluntary agreements made between parents as it considers them more likely to be maintained successfully that Court imposed ones. That being said, the Courts will become involved where the parents are unable to reach an agreement.

Child residence - (previously know as child custody)

The first criteria is that the child has a stable and safe place to live.

The most common arrangement is for the child to live primarily with one parent and the other will have "contact" at regular, pre-arranged intervals. Your family lawyer will help you to negotiate these arrangements.

A number of factors will influence the arrangements, including:

  • Who is better placed to be able to meet the ongoing future needs of the children
  • The wishes and feelings of the child (considered in light of their age and understanding)
  • The likely impact of any change on the child
  • Whether one parent has historically undertaken more of the day to day care than the other parent

It is now becoming more common for parents to have shared residence of the children. For this to work it has to be practical for the children to move regularly between homes without it being too disruptive and unsettling for them.

Child Contact

It is generally assumed in most cases that it is in the best interests of children to have regular contact with both parents.

The arrangements for each family will be different, according to their circumstances, and may include such things as visits to see the child at home by the non resident parent, taking the child to the non resident parents home, overnight stays and holidays.

Ideally, arrangements will be worked out by negotiation between the parents, with the help of their lawyers. If a compromise cannot be reached then the Courts can impose a "child arrangements order" which specifies exactly what contact the non resident parent will have.

Child Maintenance

It is the responsibility of all parents to financially support their children, even if they do not live with them or even have contact with them.

Child maintenance is paid by the parent who is not resident with the child and it goes towards the living costs of the child.

The amount of child maintenance can be negotiated by the parents with the help of their family lawyers, or it can be worked out using a set formula set out by the Child Support Agency (CSA).

The amount of maintenance is worked out depending on how many nights the child spends at each parents home, in cases of shared residence.

For advice on any aspect of your child's welfare following a divorce or separation, please contact us to speak to one of our experienced family lawyers.

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