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How much does a Divorce cost?

Getting a divorce is a stressful time in your life, made worse by the associated financial pressures. We therefore offer a choice of payment options for obtaining a divorce, ranging from the traditional method where your lawyer charges you an hourly fee for the work carried out, or one of our fixed fee options.

The most appropriate option will depend on your circumstances and we offer all new clients a free initial consultation so that we can assess your circumstances and advise you on the best option for you. At this preliminary stage we will be able to give you an estimate of the likely overall costs, based on the information we have at that point.

When getting a divorce, there are up to three distinct areas to consider. You may require one or all of the these elements:

  1. The divorce - legally ending the marriage.
  2. Children - working out who they will live with and what contact they will have with the other parent. This also included working out financial maintenance for the children.
  3. Finances and property - what happens to the family home? How are other assets divided and will financial maintenance be payable?

The cost of a divorce and negotiating the finances and arrangements for children will depend to a large extent on the degree to which you and your spouse can reach a speedy agreement. If it takes a long time for the negotiations, due to substantial disagreements, then the cost is likely to increase.

An experienced family lawyer will help you to reach a fair agreement whilst trying to keep control of your legal fees.

Contact us for a free consultation and we will give you an estimate of the likely costs.

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